Dualogy, Michiel Buursen plays Jobim
Michiel Buursen plays Jobim Dualogy
Sometimes everything comes together at the same time. The pieces of the puzzle t together, everything seems logical, one thing leads to another and something special arises.

Michiel Buursen plays Jobim.

About this cd:
On the one hand, the idea of doing a pro- ject of the music of Anonio Carlos Jobim, also known as Tom Jobim. On the other hand, doing the project in duo’s with double instruments. Finally all the ideas blended together with this cd as a result. Lyrical, rhythmical and harmonious the European, African, North American and Brazilian cultures blended together into the samba, bossanova, baião, classical and jazz music. My musical heart relates to all these cultures that you find in the Brasilian Music, called MPB (musica popular Brasil). 

Michiel Buursen Dualogy

How it began.

When the plan came together.

The idea of playing the songs of Jobim fell into my lap. First there was this beautiful song, Tema para Ana. This song took my breath away when I heard it for the very first time on a poor audio quality cd (pro- bably recorded at Tom’s home with a tape recorder). As far as I can tell this must be the only documented version of this song played by the composer himself. For a long time the idea of doing something with this song was on my mind. There was also a song that captivated my attention whenever I would hear it, but I couldn’t remember the song’s title until one particular time while driving in my car on my way to a gig. The title is Por causa de você. Around the same time I heard the version of Insensatez (how insensitive) again after many years. This particular version of the song, where the composer plays the piano himself, accompanied by a string orchestra arranged by the great Claus Ogerman, was on a compilation record. That record turned my musical life upside down when I was 12. Together these 3 songs touched my heart and were the reason for me to start this Jobim project. I didn’t pin myself down to a time schedule. I didn’t force myself and instead, let the things come as they came. At rst I started to play these songs by myself on the piano, with the idea of making a solo record. During the process the solo-cd became a duo-cd. Except for 2 (again a duo) composi- tions, which became piano solo tracks.

Michiel Buursen Dualogy

The compositions and the musicians.

Inke Krudde Dualogy
In the beginning of the process the firrst duo was formed with singer Inke Krudde. The last time we worked together was 14 years ago. During these 14 years we both developed our skills and love for the Brazi- lian music. We met again around the same time I started this project and I thought
to myself, I can hear her sing Por causa de você. When I asked her if she wanted to participate in this project with this song in mind, she told me that she had been singing that song the past 2 weeks.
Katelijne van Otterloo Dualogy

With Katelijne van Otterloo, around the same time of the start of this project,
the Jobim song Dindi appeared on our repertoire. We both found this song very inspiring. I love her voice and her singing, she is very special. So naturally I asked her to join the project with this song.

Thijs van Otterloo Dualogy

The piece Gabriela is one of a kind, being sort of a suite. For this part I found saxo- phonist Thijs van Otterloo the right person to play the soprano saxophone and it turned out to be a perfect match.

Remmert Tromp Dualogy

Another saxophone player, Remmert Tromp, took care of the song Caminhos Cruzados. With Remmert I have recorded before in duo form. He has this magni cent sound and I think the whole idea of playing the song we did turned out pretty well.
(we started and ended in the rainforest together)

Wim Kegel Dualogy

Wim Kegel came up with the idea of the song Estrado do sol. Playing a piano/drums duo is not a very common one, but in this case it once just started during a friendly visit for a cup of coffee at Wim’s place. I think we still have to nish the co ee. We improvised all the musical ideas together on our instruments. We performed several times as a duo and for me there was no doubt about asking Wim to play a duet for this cd. To work with such a great impro- viser as Wim is, is a great pleasure. For this time we turned Estrado completely inside out and I think it became an exciting story.

Jasper Somsen Dualogy

Bassplayer Jasper Somsen and I worked to- gether as a duo on a weekly basis last year. It is always an adventure playing with him not knowing were we are going every time we play. We could go places together and surprise each other musically many times. The freedom you have as a duo is like play- ing on the playground. We always try to take this freedom when we play.
One song we played each time during our music engagements was the Jobim soap opera theme Luiza. So here it is on my cd.
Jasper ful lling a beautiful part with his bow playing the melody.

Erik Robaard Dualogy

The theme Falando de amor is beautifully done on fretless bass by Erik Robaard.
I met him when I was still in my teens and we worked together on many di erent projects since then. He is amazing. I love to listen and play with his musicality.

George Pelupessy Dualogy

While working on this project I was reunited with a very special percussion player, George Pelupessy. We tried to show our love for the South American music in chora coração and Piano na Mangueira, a composition by Chico Buarque and Tom Jobim as a tribute for the samba school of Mangueira.The piece starts as the morning with chora coração, takes you through all the stages of the day with a taste of batucada before it eventually, just like the morning with the
sunrise, ends with chora coração. This is the only track where we both used overdubs and doubled many parts (the oor in the studio was never lled with more small percussion instruments before). I am very pleased with the result.
George is one of a kind.

Michiel Buursen Dualogy

The cd starts and ends with only me be- hind the 88 keys. I launch the project with Insensatez (how insensitive) and I conclude with Tema para Ana. Working on this project and taking the time for it to grow and mature was an adventure and awakening to me. Not only as a musician but also as a human being. It was a very joyful ride.

Michiel Buursen

Michiel zijn aanpak van Jobim composities is verre van de doorsnee albums met muziek van de Braziliaanse componist. Met Dualogy belicht hij de lyrische en melodieuze kant, en ontwikkeld daarmee een volwassen aanpak van het materiaal die de goedkeuring van Jobim zou wegdragen, was hij nog in leven geweest.
Daniella Thompson

Amerikaanse recensent "Musica Brasiliensis"

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